Monday, 28 September 2009

Video from top of Caston church tower on 5th September 2009

Click on the picture to run the video.
The view from the top of Caston church on 5th September 2009. The tower was open to raise funds for the church. It was a spur of the moments video so the quality is not to good. I had to walk over the struts that support the weather vain so it is also rather jumpy. It would be good to go up again and do a better job.

To discover more about the history of the church follow this link From this link you can also listen to a audio guide and download the files to your computer to use on your MP3 player to take with you on a visit to the church.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Photographs of Liberator Graveyard - RAF Watton

Liberator Graveyard, originally uploaded by Tedder13.

For those of you that may have not seen the resent photographs added to the 'Capturing Our Wayland Heritage' photo pool on flickr it is well worth looking at those of RAF Watton taken by S/Sgt Les Corey. They include two wonderful images of a Liberator Graveyard. Visit the site to see more of them and read about the collection by clicking on the link below

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Babes in the Woods

We have Bron Tyler to thank for the chance to read this wonderful little booklet written by the Rev. Charles Kent in about 1913. The Rev. Kent looks into the possibly true origins of the tale and includes notes on the history of Thompson church.
You can view the whole book, do a word search of it and download a free copy from HERE in Google Docs once there click on the file button (top left) and a drop down menu will give the option to download.