Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wed, 3rd Nov - 7.30pm Evening talk 'Recording Archaeological Finds in Norfolk'

Wednesday 3rd Nov 7.30pm at Wayland House, evening talk by Dr Andrew Rogerson on 'Recording Archaeological Finds in Norfolk'.
Andrew runs The Identification and Recording Service at Gressenhall, which exists to record all archaeological finds made by members of the public in Norfolk.

They rely on the public to bring us what they find, to increase everyone’s knowledge of Norfolk’s past.

Thousands objects are taken to them every year, mostly from areas where there has been no archaeological excavation. Many of these objects are brought to the surface by agricultural machinery, which destroys their archaeological context.

They record the objects for posterity on the Norfolk Historic Environment Record, which is also based at Gressenhall. They range from Palaeolithic flint tools (up to half a million years old) to 18th-century lead cloth seals. They record flint, pottery, bricks, tiles and objects made of glass, bone and metal, and the finder receives a copy of all the information that is recorded.

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